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4A Academy Barcelona

One of the best programs in Barcelona, Spain. The combination of personal attention with science and metrics attached, makes this program extremely complete. Working with 4A is a dream come true as we work on the holistic approach to growing the player, ourselves as coaches and the program overall!

Cesar Performance Coach working with 4A tennis AcademyCesar Performance Coach working with 4A tennis Academy
Tennis Infinity Bangalore

Tennis Infinity is flying high as it is becoming one of the best programs in all of India. The work put in for the program to install the latest and best teaching information and techniques have pushed it to the very top.

The believe system in place to grow the player holistically, healthy and progressively will continue to allow this incredible program to grow and to stand above any other programs around.

Cesar Performance Coach working with Tennis Infinity Bangalore Cesar Performance Coach working with Tennis Infinity Bangalore
The Clubs at River City

This incredible Central, Illinois stable has seen its glory days come back as we are actively restructuring every aspect of the program. This includes everything from junior programing, adult membership services and management behavior to better serve its team members.

Truly a privilege working with The Clubs at River City and seeing their rapid growth which will spread the joy of tennis to all of its members as they become the biggest advocates for the club.

Cesar working with The Clubs at River CityCesar working with The Clubs at River City
PBI India

What an ascension the name of PBI took this past year in the performance realm. From working with its first ITF players to developing a flock of WTA performers, it truly was an inspirational experience to direct the journey.

The work with PBI India has truly left a positive mark with the players, coaches and the country. I look forward to continuing to grow those relationships cultivated and to grow the game in the amazing country that is India!

Cesar in IndiaCesar in India
Team Tennis Nepal

This incredible project came from nothing to an amazing opportunity. While working with the best players in Nepal and it's federation, covid hit. We decided to stay working together through lockdowns, challenges and whatever came our way. As the world and the country started to open up, we build a facility to focus on developing and promoting tennis throughout Kathmandu and Nepal.

Our work allowed us to construct a wonderful facility that included the first Orange (60') and Red (36') permanent courts in the entire country. The work done with the Nepali team along with an international coaches is one that has changed the country and how it views itself in the global scale.

Cesar with Nepali Federation PlayerCesar with Nepali Federation Player
ACE Academy

What started it all! This incredible idea became a standalone facility which encouraged learning at every level. Players to become better players with metrics and science; coaches to become better coaches through training and learning opportunities; parents to become better sports' parents by periodical trainings and discussions; and national bodies to spread their education through the education vessel that is ACE Academy.

ACE Academies ideas are prevalently used by programs all over the world and will continue to be utilized to improve tennis training. This flagship program continues to hold the standard of coaching to its highest level.

Cesar with ACE AcademyCesar with ACE Academy
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